Glad You're Here in addition to the wall art check out my art on products like pillows,mugs,bags, notebooks,yoga mats and popular shower curtains! Just click on the artwork and see all the products even Masks!

Welcome, Friends, Family, Clients,Collectors and You

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Welcome, Friends, Family, Clients,Collectors and You

Hi There, I'm really excited to have you visit my art website, grab your favorite drink stay a while and explore each art piece. I wrote some inside scoop in the description about each art work. Several have been in shows and some have even been to China! I will be selling the originals direct to you instead of the gallery or design center. Now all works I post on this website you will be able to order in various sizes as a print, canvas, acrylic, or metal print, or greeting card ( you can even print your own message inside one!) The other exciting news is you can now put my artwork on your I-phone case! I hear Samsung cases are coming soon. Yes, I know that sounds unbelievable but it's true! Order right from my artist website. You can also order matting, and framing directly on this site it's Credit card friendly and your order is shipped to your door within 48hrs.
I can't say enough for those that collect art. To own a piece no one else has to getting your first affordable print of someone's work there's a connection between the artist, the artwork and the viewer that only you can share with those you love but the enjoyment lasts forever! Come and say Hello leave a comment, tell me what's your favorite. It's time to share with the world, as I have noticed many have started to look. YEA!Welcome and choose the one for You! One of a kind art for your friend, family, client, collector or just for You! Here's the place to start and many Thanks to You! Artist Kim Shuckhart Gunns